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┬ęBreakthrough Behavior

We highly encourage parents and children to attend our camp registration days that will be held prior to the start of camp. All registration days will be held at the Breakthrough Behavior clinic.

• Notary staff on sight
• Meet and greet with the camp staff leaders  
• Financial information available 
• Applications on hand to complete 
• Facility tour
• Examples of video modeling used in camp


 Some of the benefits for attending the registration days include: 


This program is NOT designed for children who need one-to-one assistance or have significant non- compliant, self-injurious, elopement, or aggressive behavior. Camp InterACTION! is best suited for children who are able to participate in the following: 

• Verbal abilities to communicate with others using either vocal speech, picture communication,

  electronic communication device, etc.

• Basic social skills (ex: eye contact, requesting, joint attention, listening skills, ability to attend, etc.) 

• Willingness to actively participate in the group with others

• Ability to sit for an age-appropriate amount of time without 1:1 assistance or constant prompting 

• Toilet trained 

• Independent eating skills