Breakthrough Behavior to Offer Multilingual Clinical Treatment Plans

Patients and families will have access to treatment plans in first or native language

Beginning in October 2020, Breakthrough Behavior will be offering clinical treatment plans to patients and their families in both English and Spanish in all locations throughout the United States. These documents include each patient’s initial assessment, as well as treatment plan updates. Both digital and printed copies will also be available.

“One of our primary goals at Breakthrough Behavior is simplifying the process for every family we serve, upholding the highest standards of clinical excellence and delivering the best possible outcomes for every individual,” said Breakthrough Behavior CEO Maegen Pierce. “Creating clear and transparent plans that every patient, caregiver and family can understand and adhere to is critical to achieving real and positive results. Being able to translate clinical treatment plans into multiple languages, starting with Spanish, is very exciting and, honestly, quite overdue.”

Breakthrough Behavior is also planning to introduce treatment plans in French, Portuguese, Haitian Creola and Arabic. The organization will also become the first provider in Central Florida to offer clinical treatment plans in languages other than English. To learn more about the services provided by Breakthrough Behavior, visit