National Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Gilberto Ramos

Learn more about Breakthrough Behavior staff and their background as we celebrate and honor National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Gilberto Ramos, BCaBA | Salinas Clinic

What is your background and where is your family from?

I’ve been a behavior analyst for three years and have been in the field of ABA for 11 years working direct therapy and other supervisory roles. My father was born in Santa Cruz, California, but spent most of his childhood living in the Baja California, Mexico, area as my grandfather was born in Penjamillo Michoacán, Mexico. My mother was born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, before emigrating to the United States.

How is your Hispanic heritage important to you?

I take great pride in my Hispanic background and the teachings, lessons and morals I’ve learned. Family, hard work and respect for self and others are just some of those that stand out to me. I carry these lessons daily and now that I have a daughter I plan on sharing those life lessons and values with her and continuing to pass them forward.

Who were your role models growing up?

I’ve had numerous role models. Growing up in a Hispanic household, we’d hear the stories of Cesar Chavez and the activism he did. My grandparents marched with him so we always heard those tales. Selena embracing both her Mexican-American culture, becoming an icon and paving the way for others in entertainment. Roberto Clemente being so great at his craft but always giving back to the community and speaking on the importance of doing so. Tom Flores and Jim Plunkett becoming the first at their respective positions to win a world championship as Hispanic-Americans while growing up the way my parents did.

Why do you work in the behavior analysis field?

I work in the field of behavior analysis because I truly do love the work we do. We help change people’s lives, both the individual and their families, as well as the communities we live in. The will to continue to do that with the clients we work with is definitely what keeps me going on a daily basis.

What advice would you give to other Hispanic Americans looking to start their career in this industry?

I believe most Hispanic-Americans share the same family values, sense of community and hard work that I was raised with. This is a field where we get to embrace some of those values and help better the lives of others in our community. Though it can be challenging at times, there are no barriers or limitations that we can’t overcome through hard work and determination. I’m just one of the many Hispanic Americans currently here at Breakthrough Behavior and I’m proud to say that we won’t be the last.