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Breakthrough Behavior offers telehealth treatment for children and families receiving speech and language therapy. Virtual speech therapy provides a flexible, successful and accessible solution for individuals who may not be able to meet with speech language pathologists (SLPs) or travel to our regional clinics. Using an internet-connected device, families will connect with an SLP for an interactive parent-guided session that will address a range of opportunities, including speech and language delays or social communication challenges.

What Do I Need to Begin Virtual Speech Therapy?

  1. Referral for speech therapy from a medical doctor

  2. Patient must be a resident of Florida, California or Virginia

  3. Access to an internet-connected device, preferably an iPad or laptop

While virtual speech therapy has some similarity to virtual learning, there are significant differences:

  • Parents and children work together with the SLP on the treatment process. At times, the SLP will direct the session, providing instructions to both parent and child. On many occasions, however, the SLP will only observe the session as the parent conducts exercises with the child.

  • SLPs work 1-on-1 directly with the parent and child. All sessions are private and HIPAA-compliant.

  • Virtual sessions can be scheduled with the SLP at flexible times throughout the day.

  • Parents will have the opportunity to work on exercises with children before and after the session to continually achieve meaningful outcomes.


I'm concerned my child has a speech delay. What should I do?

First, make an appointment with your pediatrician, dentist or primary care physician. Share your concerns and get feedback. If the doctor diagnoses a speech or language issue, they will draft a referral for speech therapy.

I don't have time for so many appointments. How does virtual speech therapy help our schedule?

Virtual speech therapy offers flexible appointment based on your schedule. Our SLPs will determine the amount of hours needed per week for treatment, and will then work with you to determine the length and frequency of sessions.

Virtual education was very challenging for both my child's learning and my time. How is virtual speech therapy different? 

First, all sessions are 1-on-1 with the SLP, as your child's needs are unique and require a specific set of treatment pathways. Second, our sessions are highly interactive, keeping your child engaged, attentive and productive. Finally, both you and your child are actively involved in the session. In fact, on many occasions, you will be implementing and practicing the treatment while the SLP observes the session. This offers more impactful therapy, while also outfitting you with the tools to practice these tools and techniques at any time!.

Do I need any special tools or technology?

All you need is an internet-connected laptop or tablet. While we prefer not to use cell phones (due to their small size), they can be used for treatment.

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