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All Breakthrough Behavior 2020 summer camp programs will follow our COVID-19 Procedures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and campers. For more information on our COVID-19 practices, click here.

Camp InterACTION!

Camp InterACTION! is an intensive social skills acquisition program that utilized principles of applied behavior analysis to teach vital pivot skills that impact many areas of a child's social and emotional functioning. 

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This program is NOT designed for children who need one-to-one assistance or have significant non- compliant, self-injurious, elopement, or aggressive behavior. Camp InterACTION! is best suited for children who are able to participate in the following: 

• Verbal abilities to communicate with others using either vocal speech, picture communication,

  electronic communication device, etc.

• Basic social skills (ex: eye contact, requesting, joint attention, listening skills, ability to attend, etc.) 

• Willingness to actively participate in the group with others

• Ability to sit for an age-appropriate amount of time without 1:1 assistance or constant prompting 

• Toilet trained 

• Independent eating skills


Our day camps offer children with and without disabilities a safe and fun way to spend the summer! Camp provides small group activities, learning stations, interactive activities and free play. 

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2020 Summer Camp Programs

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